Echo Energy plc is a London listed Latin American focused mid-cap gas company in the making.

The Company is pursuing a high value piped onshore gas strategy across South and Central America, which commences with a Multi Tcf potential exploration portfolio.

The Company is led by a Team and Cornerstone Investor with strong regional connections and an indisputable track record in building mid cap AIM listed gas businesses with sustainable value growth for Private Investors.

Echo Energy is founded on a culture which combines a bold and adventurous growth strategy with a strong belief in fair treatment for Private Investors.



  • Admitted to AIM, November 2005
  • Echo Energy Plc relaunched, March 2017
  • Funded, Re-structured Board, Rebranded, Introduction of Cornerstone Investor, March/April 2017
  • First Transformational deal in strategy to build out regional gas portfolio
  • Introduce partners to fund and technically de-risk assets
  • Drilling programme



Echo has identified and is in discussions with various parties in relation to asset opportunities across multiple geographies in Latin America.


Echo has a stated agreement to avoid conflict of interest between Sound Energy plc and its officers which includes Echo exiting its Italian business and not having any future business in Morocco.The Company is therefore actively and formally exiting all legacy interests in Italy.


Echo, through a wholly owned subsidiary, holds a 100 per cent interest in the Ksar Hadada exploration permit covering an area of 2,252 square kilometres onshore south-east Tunisia.

The extension to this permit was granted in 2016 and its status as the operator of the permit was confirmed in August 2014.

Recent light oil discoveries in the Ordovician immediately to the south of the block have now validated the potential of the Ksar Hadada Ordovician prospects. Across the border in Libya very high oil production rates have been achieved on test from multiple Acacus wells, providing added attraction to the Acacus play on Ksar Hadada.

As a result of the extensive remapping work and new seismic acquisition undertaken by Independent Resources and its partners over the last few years, existing prospects have been better defined (Sidi Toui structure) within the Ksar Hadada permit area in the Ordovician Bir Ben Tartar quartzites.

Echo is undertaking a strategic review of its interests in Tunisia


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